Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Slowly going the way of the buffalo.

Today is the last day of the fall program at Norwood Park. I remember hating high school more than I could have ever thought. The majority of it was spent wandering the halls, daydreaming, and being angry. It just wasn't for me.

The kids I teach seem to have some of the same feelings, but not exactly. They seem to be fairly happy overall, although there's been a lot of deaths in families lately. It's been an experience I'll definitely carry with me, working with the different kids. I think teaching in the future might be something I would like to do.

Yesterday we got outside for awhile, and when the workday was done, Simone, Colin and I continued the outdoor adventures running errands on foot, and playing in the snow. We had a snowball fight, and Simone made snow angels.

It was one of those snowfalls that only happens maybe two or three times a year. It wasn't really cold, and the thick layer of heavy snow blanketed everything, quieting the night to just a hush of a few slowly passing cars. It was crunchy underfoot, heavy packing snow that clung to the tree branches and fences and windows of parked cars. I was content to just be outside walking and looking, although I couldn't resist making snowballs and throwing them every few minutes.

Right now, Colin is doing his morning/afternoon run. I'm waiting for cupcakes to finish baking for our pizza party at work today. I've just watered the Christmas tree, and it's snowing outside again.

I'm not opposed to this winter at all.