Friday, March 30, 2007


I played on the Mantis/Manatee team yesterday and it was really fun. We lost 2-0 but the other team probably thought that they should have scored more. So it was a moral victory. A few of their guys were really good, and the girls all used to play on Division one college teams.

I haven't really played soccer since junior high, so it was interesting to say the least.

I mostly felt like the one on the left.
We played at Montrose, right near the lake. The field was artificial, but nice and a little spongy. I'd never played on an artificial field before, and it was a pretty cool experience. I was anxious when we got there because it seemed overwhelmingly huge, and I felt really unprepared.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to run more, and practice.

And do something fun this weekend.

Also, we should have our new roommate chosen by tomorrow. So there's that.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


"Maybe I shouldn't have stabbed that guy so many times."

Local punk singer arrested in murder

March 27, 2007
LOS ANGELES -- The former lead singer of suburban Chicago punk rock band Mest was arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing a 25-year-old man during an argument, police said.

Anthony Lovato, 26, was being held on $1 million bail pending an investigation of criminal homicide, said Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lovato and another man were arguing early Sunday in the parking structure of an apartment building when the man punched Lovato, Lopez said.

Lovato pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the unidentified man many times, authorities said.

When police arrived, they found the wounded victim on the ground. He died later at a hospital.

Lt. Andrew Neiman said Lovato was calm and cooperative when police arrived.

"He did in fact call the police, call 911, after the incident and remained on the scene [to] surrender himself," he said.

Authorities said Lovato and the victim had been involved with the same woman at different times, and police had been called to her apartment Saturday night when the two men fought, but no one was arrested at that time.

Lovato helped form Mest in 1995 in Blue Island, and recorded several albums on Madonna's Maverick label and performed on the Warped Tour, a touring music and extreme sports festival, in 2003.

The band broke up last year.

It's strange because we played shows together. They partied with us and crashed at our drummer's house. Weird.

Monday, March 26, 2007


This past weekend has been pretty great. Friday, I got out of class early and hung out with Cassie for a while, bought some new running shoes and had Chipotle (it's amazing, everyone else is wrong) which I haven't had in almost a year, and did some earthy stuff.

Saturday, I did some productive things around the house that I should have done a while ago, like laundry and cleaning, and watched the rest of "Undeclared," which I've never seen, but have since put in my top ten of something somewhere. Ben Gorski and his two roommates Joe and Judd came up to stay for an impromptu visit, and we went out for KO's birthday to Nick's beer garden. It was also Judd's birthday, so we went out a little early beforehand, and bought him drinks the whole night.

KO was in rare form Saturday night, so if you couldn't make it, just tell him it was awesome. I don't think he'll remember either way.

Colin, Ben, Joe, Judd, and I spent part of the night being bored, but then surprisingly, the bulk of the night was spent chatting up the table next to us and the four attractive women sitting at it. We stayed out entirely too late, but had the coolest cabbie ever to drive us home. He was an older black man, and was dishing out words of pertinent wisdom left and right. Then he said I was acting like a bitch. It was hilarious.

Although we didn't get to bed til around 5, we were all up and ready for brunch at Dunlay's by 10:30. Far and away the best bloody mary you can get for five bucks-made with a shot of guiness, a skewered pile of sopressatta, olive, pepper, and onion, and comes with a beer chaser.

Today was so beautiful outside that it needs to be redundantly blogged about. I drove around in Brian's car with Colin to pick up some records before everyone came over to grill out on Nate's sweet Weber (he and Katie brought most of the food too.) But driving around was amazing. People were outside and energized. Walking dogs, lauging, shopping, eating and drinking. Music was playing, the sun was shining and it was like all the neighborhoods in the city just shrugged of the layers of winter malaise and enjoyed what it had to offer. Driving around in the midst of all of it going on was really fun today, and one of the things I miss about having a car.

I had a good time with everyone tonight, sitting out on the back patio grilling, and having a good time. Definitely what I picture when I think of good times in the summer, and I hope it was just a preview of what is to come.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I can't sleep!

Got home from work tonight at 10pm and hung out with Brian for a while. He used one of my suits to go for an interview today for a different position. TRU, the Tactical Response Unit, means that he wouldn't have to wait for something to happen to see some action. Something goes down, and he would get the call to go kick some ass. Seems to suit him pretty well. Cross your fingers.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to be on spring break. And it's supposed to rain all next week, but I'll be damned if I can't invoke some of the spirit of Miami and Cancun. I'll have to pick up some of those little umbrellas. And some drunk teenage girls.

The new roommate search is in full swing, and even though it sucks that Brian is moving out, it should be interesting to say the least. Who is this new person going to be? Will they have hipster hair and a scarf collection? Be a bookworm? A Video gamer? An english major-turned department store makeup specialist?

Who knows?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

throwing in the towel.

Been a long couple of days, but pretty good overall. Still dogsitting until tomorrow sometime, but it's been kind of nice. It's a great area to walk around in, especially since I don't know it very well. So the mandatory walks have been good for me, and it's fun having a dog around the house.


Unfortunately, the apartment is pretty sparse in the way of things I like. There is no comfy couch, or chair to relax in, and there is no television. There are also no books to speak of, besides those involving business planning and methods, investment banking, and how to keep a razor-sharp collar.

Last night I went to see 300, with Caleb and Cassie. I thought it was great, and not just because all the action was done really well. Do yourself a favor and go see it. Tonight was fun too, being St. Patricks day. I walked over to Janice's house, danced a jig, and ate some corned beef and cabbage. Melissa, Janice's roommate made a fantastic spread, and was a general whiz in the kitchen.

From there, six of us took a cab over to Morley's house for his birthday kegger. It was legendary. Everyone had a good time, and it turns out I didn't actually put the moves on someone named Ashley a couple weeks ago as was rumored.

Everyone took their shoes off, which I've found to be a Terrible Idea at a kegger, as I first soaked my socks in beer, and then helped clean up with paper towel "beer skates". This happened three times. And yes, I felt really, really old.

There was beer pong, an iced keg in a bathtub, and one guy lost half his pants. It was awesome.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Something to laugh about

I'm staying at a classmates house for the weekend, dogsitting. It's a very nice smallish apartment, right near damen and armitage. The dog is a husky, and she's really sweet. I've found that in order to pick up people, men or women, all you have to do is walk a pretty dog.

Tuesday we had a presentation to motorola for class, which I was working on with my classmates until 6am that morning. And most of the weekend. They have a suprisingly really good buffet at the west campus, complete with fresh fruit, giant strawberries, parfaits, pastas, and anything from the grill. It actually worked out fairly well, just not much sleep.

Hey, awesome. Somehow I deleted everything else on my camera's card while trying to move the photos to my computer. But the strawbrerries were good.

actual size!

So that's been most of the past week, I guess.

Saturday is St. Patricks day, which apparently isn't really celebrated by Irish outside of Chicago. And in case you were going to Ireland soon, you'll be hard-pressed to find any corned-beef and cabbage. That's the word on the street.

But keeping in tradition of the non-Irish folk drinking a lot, I've heard something's going down. Go ahead, ask around. I think our Italian friend is doing something. Hope to see everyone soon. It's been a long winter.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Embrace the suck.

It's March. In fact, it's almost a full week into March. We're supposed to be basking in the teasing warmth of the upper 40's and creeping into the occasional 50ish. Yeah, maybe I'm just overzealous, but I'm tired of the cold. It's snowing out. Again. I mean, come on. Come on!

On a positive note, some congrats are in order. Colin had his first crazy Momma incident today, and apparently it went well. He didn't get hit with a shoe or anything, and no one went to jail. So that's good.
Also, Caleb got his Master's degree/diploma in the mail which is awesome and still impressive. I read almost a paragraph of his thesis before my eyes started to shrivel up. I was somewhere near 1/1000th of the way through it.
And lastly, kudos to me. I'm a hero and I've got a sticker to prove it. I gave blood today to the worst manurse to ever stab a pointy pipe into someone's arm. There were four ladies who knew what they were doing, and I get jerky lab tech with the compassion of a refrigerator. But it's cool. I got some apple juice, so that's rad.

I am, however, getting tired of being in school and working. And this weather, man it's still snowing. (I left for a while.) There's still lots to do for everything. I guess it seems like everyone gets a raw deal during the winter months, though. I'm jealous of Ali getting out of here for a while. Soak up some sun for me!

I guess that's what we do though. Good things happen, regular things happen, and sometimes you just get slapped around for a while. As long as you keep getting up, even if you'll probably get smacked again, you're doing ok. Something like, "you never fail until you stop trying." Something like that.

Peace out, hombres!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Joliet, via the Rock Island District.

Feels like it's been a while.

I spent a couple hours tonight trying to figure out what was going on with our internet, and it turns out that the modem decided to reset itself and change the WEP password without telling our computers. Or so says Jessica from Comcast. Neat.

Anyway, my computer is apparently still unhappy with the whole setup, so I've gone back to my Mac for the time being. It's nice, I guess. Like trying on an old baseball mitt you haven't used for a while. Different and new, yet comfortable and familiar.


I was planning on going home tonight or tomorrow. Turns out my great uncle died last night and his funeral is tomorrow. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to get there before the service starts, so I'm going to miss it.

Ray was an intersesting guy. He was probably around 5 foot 9 or so, but one of his legs was quite a bit shorter than the other. So his stance switched between around 4 foot 6 and 5 foot nine. He was always a really nice guy, and as long as I knew him, he made old fashioned wooden toys in his garage workshop. My brother and I would go over to his house, visit with my Aunt Kitty, and Uncle Ray, and hang out at their house while the family caught up. He would usually have something new or different crafted, whether it was a train, car, caterpillar, or some other handheld toy designed for little kids. They were crafted well beyond anything I've seen since, and I knew he always had a good time making them.

I always feel bad about knowing my grandparents less than I would have liked to. They lived through times that I'll never experience, and faced hardships that I can only imagine. It's too bad that it works out that way sometimes. Maybe it's because of the dispersal of the extended family, or the stronger push for a more successful and wealthy youth. Maybe it's just because our generation feels the need to get as far away from our parents as possible. Weird.

I remember a quote somewhere that went something like this, "At 18, I couldn't believe how stupid my parents were, and at 22, I couldn't believe how much they learned in 4 years,"

Anyway, I suppose this is one of those introspective, what does it all mean/what's important kind of posts.

Regardless, I've been feeling much better about things lately. Spring is here, and summer is not far behind. Smile.