Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's Happening Now?

January to February lull is taking its toll on everyone at this point, I believe. It's one of those lovely times in Chicago, where it's either raining, sleeting, snowing, or a combination of the three. The sky is perpetually the color of dirty roadside snow. So many people are sick, and the weather reflects that pretty well. We're in the ring, I'm on the mat, and February is slamming me in the face with its People's Elbow.

I've been eating fairly healthy lately, though, doing a decent amount of cooking for the Hall. It's tough to get motivated to run in four inches of slush, so I think it's a decent trade-off. We started program at Norwood Park this week, but due to a computer glitch, I was not able teach the first day. Apparently, they thought I may have had a violent criminal past, but it all worked out fine.

Day two was typical, but on my trek to the El after class I did something I'm not very proud of. It's one of those things that you know is bad when you're doing it, you feel guilty about it, yet you continue anyway.

The Baconator.

Six strips of bacon. Two quarter pound burgers. Two slices of cheese.

One gluttonous smile of satisfaction. I stopped at Wendy's on the way home and figured, "Hey, I'm already here. I might as well get the most horribly unhealthy best and tastiest thing on the menu." Glorious and frightening all at once. I recommend trying one, but only if your heart is up to the challenge.


Megan said...

You guys should all come to London this month. It's cheap right now! (relatively) Also, bring three baconators. You know how I love bacon.
Although I'm still working at taking off the wieght I gained in the first week in the States. Seriously, I gained 10 pounds that week!

marthamatters said...

I recently found out that my boyfriend doesn't like bacon when I caught him picking it off of a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box that I had accidentally ordered instead of a double cheeseburger. I tried to hide my shame, but my mouth was so agape that I had to fumble for an explanation. Keep fighting the pork fight, Jay!

stephanie said...

wow. the baconator. obviously the most appealing choice... teehee :)

Anonymous said...

OK, Jay don't try to pass off that healthy eating line on me! The baconator is just your latest transgression. Every time I see you it's Portillo's, or BK, or the "classic" Joe's hotdogs and onion rings in Joliet. Your intentions are good, but remember, the road to obesity is paved with good intentions.
Good blog, see you ...