Friday, April 25, 2008

just put it in the bag.

So, we're driving, and in the street this guy's yelling with this girl and when he sees us, he gets in his car and takes off. So we chase him, but it's like fuckin' OJ, I mean he's obeying the speed limit, and stopping and looking both ways before turning into the alleys and shit. So finally, before the last few blocks, he freaks out and steps on it. Then he takes off the wrong way down a one-way street and we follow. He hits the brakes and bails. So we go after him, following him down about six houses before we catch up to him.

And I've got two accidents on record, so another one gets me two days without pay. So we catch up to the guy, take him down, and I'm hitting him in the head when I hear this *crunch* sound come from behind us. The sonofabitch didn't put his car in park before he bailed, he put it in reverse!

So his car's backed against ours, so I tell my partner to grab the keys before the cars get stolen. And I'm cuffing this guy, and I'm like, "why the fuck would you put your car in reverse?!?"

Hey, you finally got some new headgear for kickboxing?

Yeah. I don't think it protects my nose very well, though, because I keep getting punched in it.


Megan said...

Are these actual Brian stories?

Angela said...

Jay, have you been spending too much time with Brian? If you start envying his adventurous life, just remember that no one will punch you in the face or reverse into your car at the restaurant. You have it good man. You have it good.

Jay M. said...

I don't think it's possible to spend too much time with Brian. It always seems like not enough.

I don't envy being a cop, I couldn't do it. But man, his stories are always entertaining.

Oliver said...

I just wish Brian would acknowledge my presents. The ones I gave him at xmas.

Angela said...

when oli wrote his comment he accidentally wrote presents instead of presence, then just added that second sentence because it popped in his head.