Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, Tim, you're not in college anymore...

Went to see my friend Zach play a show at Uncommon Ground tonight in Lakeview. I'd never been there before, and judging by the people I knew who went there and those who worked there I figured it was sort of a dark, hipster bar, full of bikers, PBRs, indie music, and tight pants. I was a little off.

It's kind of a nice restaurant, split into three parts, with an extensive wine list and expensive meals. They do have lots of local art, and music in the back room.

There was a good but pretentious violinist who played beforehand, and I thought it a little rude when he asked people to be quiet. Zach played next, piano and organ, plus one song that was a duet with a sultry blonde on guitar.

I met up with some old co-workers and we had wine and talked and listened to the music, and it was all generally pretty nice. There was a good mix of lighthearted songs, and heavier ones with really warm melodies.

The temperature was just about perfect tonight, and the bike ride home was cool, and refreshing. Fall is in the air. You can feel it, and smell it, and almost taste it.


Oswald said...

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Colin said...

Hey Jay, I didn't know you were friends with Oswald, that's awesome. He's a really smart businessman, so pay attention to his ideas.

And yeah, Uncommon Ground is awesome.
How about instead of taking a vacation from vacation, you write and record an album? Like ten decent demo tracks. Think about it. It could be amazing.

Simone said...

Wait! What? Is Fioretti Knows may be getting back together? All my dreams can now come true! Here, already, are two potential song titles/potential basis for Jay riffing: "Women always gain those five pounds in all the right places" and "The first rule of magic is that you can't make people fall in love." Majetich-August, 2008 must be captured in melodic verse!