Saturday, September 13, 2008


I rode a train.
Colorado is beautiful.
As are the Sierra mountains.
Sonia is fun.
Trains are cold.
Lounge cars are for memories.
Schedules are for suckers.
I'm a sucker.
But I'm alive, in San Fransisco, and have a bed to sleep in.


Colin said...

yea! Way go to Jay! Glad you're having fun, we miss you! Where are you staying in San Franscisco? hostel? friends?

we need some hot info.

Angela said...

Jay - I have gathered from different blogs and Janice's email that you are travelling. Where? How long? Just caught up on your blog and yes, Americans do rank low on the leisure and exercise tables, and thus, me thinks, on the life expectancy table. Come visit Spain. We'll show you how to live long while eating and drinking a lot at the same time. I swear there's no diet pills involved. Also, you said you're going to go nuts if something doesn't happen round PH soon. Hope travels help relieve the itch.