Monday, February 16, 2009

green hornet.

Ran lots of errands today, and it was nice to be out driving. Took Simone to work in the am, and I'm still not convinced that actually saves her any time over taking the train, but at least you're riding in a car and not packed on a rush-hour train going downtown.

On the way back I stopped and picked up a couple croissant sandwiches from BK for myself and Colin for breakfast. Also got a medium (read half-gallon) soda. Oh yeah. This is how days off should start.

We went to Target to take back an espresso machine I got for Christmas. I used it once, decided it was cool, then had to clean it. And concluded that it was so not worth the hassle. So I got a new Calphalon frying pan instead, and Colin bought a new Swivel Sweeper. And I saw a grown man buying a Snuggie.

Went to Kohl's next for a return, and I browsed through the kitchen section while Colin scoffed at some of the overpriced cutlery. Colin and Simone surprised me with some knives for my birthday that were rated the highest in Cook's Illustrated, and used in lots of restaurant kitchens, though they're relatively inexpensive . The handles aren't inlaid with pearl, or made from old-growth Brazilian hardwood, but they're sharp as the devil and feel great.

The last stop was Blockbuster, to return Kung Fu Panda and some girl movie about poetry or weddings or something, and we picked up four movies from the some number for some amount of money rack. Pineapple Express, Hancock, Tropic Thunder, and In Bruges.

The rest of the day will be filled with doing laundry, movie watching, beer, and 25 cent wings.


Simone said...

Man, I can't wait to come home from work tonight!!!

Also, the drive to work would save me time if the driver wouldn't futz around for 20 minutes before we get out the door...look at it this way- isn't it worth it to spend a little more time with your roommate?

hey-sus said...

my coworker is trying to convince me to go halfsies (halvesies? can you really misspell a made-up word?) on a snuggie 2 for 1 deal...

Marta said...

So jealous of your awesome day and movie choices. I wish we were neighbors - boo!

Angela said...

I'm reading that lame book Eat, Pray Love for a book club. One actually interesting part regards her difficulty to ask herself what she wants to do and how she works on overcoming it. You clearly have mastered this life lesson. Wings=nirvana?