Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Things I did in the past several days:
  1. edited music for an upcoming dance competition. not my own.
  2. watched 30 rock on dvd.
  3. avoided doing laundry. it's getting scary.
  4. went shopping for semi-healthy things.
  5. ate buffalo wings while shopping for semi-healthy things.
  6. applied for school in the fall for a couple refresher classes.
  7. made a fire in our "authentic mexican caldera grill." (firepit.)
  8. went to trivia at the logan grill.
  9. ran outside.
  10. had pizza for breakfast.


Colin said...

11. Planned to organize/clean/"tackle" bedroom.
12. Neglected to organize/clean/"tackle" bedroom.
13. Continued discussing, out loud, plans to organize/clean/"tackle" bedroom.
14. Planned to smack Colin around for teasing me about this.
15. Realized that I've been planning this bedroom tackling project since March of 2008.
16. Continued with delusion that someday I will organize my bedroom.
17. Picked up brats from grocery store on the way home from work on Thursday, to grill out with roommates.
18. Showered. Finally.

Cass said...

i did 6 out of 10 of those things.

Cass said...

actually 7, minus the grill and logan grill.

hey-sus said...

the only thing that stuck out to me from that post was DANCE COMPETITION.

Caleb said...

Seems to me that items 2 and 3 are really one item. All in all a good weekend.

sir henry oglepants said...

19) hang out with brian on sunday get drunk and mess up colin's room.