Thursday, July 16, 2009

frosted mini-wheats.

I had some of these the other night. The box was almost empty, so I ended up with lots of broken pieces and leftovers. It was ok, since I was just sort of shoveling it in anyway.
When I was a kid, I used to pick these when we went to the grocery store. I would make a bowl in the morning or sometimes at night, and since I was the only one who ate them, I knew how much was left in the box.

I'd open up the whole top, reach in, and carefully select the ones with the most frosting on them. Then, I'd layer them in the bowl (frosting up, of course) three or four across, alternating the direction of each layer, like Jenga blocks. I think the bowl was always three layers high, with an extra couple wheats on top, so they'd soak up the leftover milk. I was just as particular eating them, too, eating each one in one bite, and making sure to start at the bottom so they didn't soak too long and get soggy. Talk about priorities.

I was thinking about this while shoveling in the remains of the box the other night, thinking how strange of a habit that was. Though, if I'd had a full box, I'll bet I would've gone through the whole ritual once again.


Angela said...

I liked that, Jay. It's funny remembering those things we used to focus our brainpower on before it got soaked up by other stuff. Playing with Lil always brings back such memories.

Rondell said...

where did this blog go?

Anonymous said...

Well, I knew you were a precise personality even as a little kid, but never imagined to what extent. Carefully structuring your bowl of cereal. It doesn't sound like you still do that. That's a good thing.
Your blog is neglected, though. How about other things?
Keep writing

Colin said...

Where DID this blog go? I know this guy's got stuff to share with the world.