Wednesday, March 24, 2010

food and stress.

I did a bunch of errands yesterday, including laundry which always feels like a small accomplishment, and paying bills and things. Went to the bank to deposit some cash, and worked not quite enough on school work. Dinnertime rolled around as it tends to do, and I realized that I was virtually out of food.

I rummaged through the fridge and found a big portabella cap that somehow I forgot to use. There were a couple green onions in there too, and on the island table thing there was a sweet potato and a bunch of garlic. Bam.

I've been making quinoa in different ways recently, but I like it as a sort of grain-salad side. So I made some:

Threw in some toasted almonds and dried cranberries and a little olive oil and it turned out pretty well. While I was making this, I roasted one of those heads of garlic in the oven.

That portabella went in the broiler with a little cheese and the entire head of delicious roasted garlic. Oh, yeah. It was awesome.

Other things:

-School is more difficult than I remember, but probably good for me to catch up and get with it.
-That, finances, and living situation are stressing me the fuck out right now. It's weird, because I feel like I'm usually pretty cool. Right now though, not so much.
-I'm a little obsessed lately with the take away videos here: They're really well done, sound fantastic, and are only a few minutes long. Click on a couple. Be wowed.


Colyn said...

Whenever you feel stressed about living situations and school, etc. just think of me and how I moved in with my parents to go back to school, which actually worked out pretty well. But now I have a girlfriend and she comes to stay in my room at my parents house. Well, now she stays in my room, she stayed on the couch the first couple times... Awkwarrrrrrd...

Stay cool man, summer's coming!!

Caleb said...

Necessity is the mother of delicious.

For serious never let stress overcome determination. The second you start worrying too much about the things you have to do instead of the things you can do is when you start feeling overwhelmed. You are smart enough to get through this. Plus you've got good friends to help out when you need it.

TaylorStreet said...

Colyn and Cal said very sweet things, even though clearly Colyn wanted to brag that he was getting some love on the regular these days (way to go!). Also he didn't point out the even more awkward sleeping arrangement at his house, which is his mother and I snuggled up on the couch. Snap.

What was I saying? Jay, in conclusion, you are loved.

Jay M. said...

Aw, thanks guys. Caleb, well said, I'll remember that for sure. Congrats to Colyn.

And his mom.