Friday, April 02, 2010


It seems that work and school are kicking my ass lately. I get home and I'm just beat. A few weeks ago one of my coworkers wore a pedometer to work just to get an idea of how much we run around during a shift. He was waiting tables in the "easy" section where you don't have to run as far for everything and still logged over 16, 000 steps. His pedometer wasn't calibrated, but we figured about three feet for a good work-stride for someone about 6 feet tall. That put him around nine miles for the shift. Plus carrying shit. No wonder we're all beat after work.

Came home the other day and was in the mood for this:

Easy-peasy and really good. A little butter and salt, pepper, and lemon. Sometimes even I am in the mood for crunchy green veggie-type things. No bratwurst, but I guess I can't eat them all the time.

I don't have photos from my first bbq of the season, but the next day our tree in the back started budding. Literally overnight. That was pretty cool.

And sort of on a whim I decided to take the month of April off from drinking. No real rhyme or reason, maybe just to give it a try. But I figure the side effects aren't so bad. Lose a few pounds? Maybe save some bucks? I can work with that. I already miss that post work beer, (today was awful) but I think I'll get used to it. And it's only a month, so I'm not going to cry about it.

That's about it for now!

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Cass said...

hey! sorry that we missed your bbq. i hope there will be more where that came from! i can't wait to have time for people again - post april 23! woot.