Monday, April 12, 2010

shift change.

I've been loving the weather recently, as most have, and I always forget how it affects my mood for the coming season. Not to say that I've felt overwhelmed or sad or anything for the winter, but that my general mood has been getting better and better with the warmer, sunnier days. Obvious though, right?

The warmer days also lend themselves to more socializing, which I think was somewhat lacking this winter. It's nice to get out and see people more often, with less planning. Went over to Nate's house the other day for pork chop sandwiches on the grill and some video games. Riding the bike to work every day, and up to roger's park a bit recently. Rode up to the Heartland Cafe the other day to see Dave Herrero play some blues and have a good time. Also went to see Hot Tub Time Machine, which was hilarious. A pretty solid week.

School's winding down, though it looks like I'll have a lot to do when the class is over, which is ok. I'll intersperse the work with friends, bbqs, and general outside time.

Oh yeah, post title. So Lisa's going to move to her own place at the end of the month, still in the hood, but a bit south. My buddy Devin is going to be moving in here, making it the first time I've had just a guy roommate. I'm expecting it will be buckets of fun. Buckets!

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Jay! Blog more, brosephine baker.