Monday, January 01, 2007

A hitch was nowhere to be found.

Last night we had people over for a small New Years celebration. It actually turned out better than we thought. These kinds of things are usually so subject to being underwhelming, or a complete letdown. We didn't officially invite anyone in particular and by early last night, we were a little skeptical that anyone was actually going to show up. Probably going to make plans a little more solid in the future. Just a thought.

A toast at midnight, and then more people started showing up shortly after. Cassie and Liz saved the night by providing food that was definitely better than Totino's pizza rolls. This is why men don't plan parties.

All in all, everyone had a pretty good time! Many of our friends came, and those who could not, I think you should know that you were dearly missed. There were several bouts of spontaneous dancing, and the Theory of Kitchen Congregation once again proved to be true. Happy 2007 everyone!


Cass said...

i said it on colin's and i'll say it again--a round of applause to the hosts with the mosts. thanks for the best new years so far and for capturing me so elegantly dancing like i mean it. well done majetich.

Megan said...

Finally! Pictures of the new place, sort of. Very nice.

Happy New Year!

Caleb said...

Thanks again. Good times.