Sunday, December 31, 2006

Le jour de l'An

It's funny that people look to the new year as a time for massive changes in their lives. It's like that week after Christmas becomes the time for re-evaluating your whole life. We take a step back, look at the past year's events, and figure out how to make them better next time around. And then we make resolutions. Quit smoking, lose weight, get promotion, start running, go vegan.

I think the timing is a little off though. I mean, how are we supposed to build up the willpower to do something that we haven't been able to do for an entire year? It's the middle of winter. Cold, gray, rainy, bitter January. And then February comes and it's like January's meaner, pissed off, older brother. Pile on seasonal depression for many people, and you don't seem to get many triggers to go out and try new things and change your life.

I think there should be a new day of resolutions. Sometime in the middle of spring. Maybe Mother's Day should be the new resolution day. I think people would be more apt to stick to their guns if they woke up and it was 65 degrees and sunny. "Yeah, it's so nice out, maybe I'll go for a run today." Everything is blooming and alive, the grass is green, and it is a natural seasonal time of growth.

Doesn't that seem like a better time for change and development than in the dreary dead of winter? It sure does to me.

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Maral Tabrizi said...

In my country, the new year begins on March 20. which is the first day of the spring. everything smells fresh and everything seems new. we have a 2 week break for the new year.
everybody cleans everything in the house, it is called "shaking the house" my mother starts to shake the house almost two weeks before the new year.
all the friends and families should visit each other .there are a lot of parties in these 2 weeks. if you are home, you will have a guest. and if you don't, you have to find out who's home and go visit them.
the 13th day of the year, is nature's day, and people go out in the nature (like parks, mountains, etc.) I always could gain twice the energy I had before the new year.

I also liked your new year. I went to navy pier. it was great. I really enjoyed the way people celebrate the new year. I wish I could jump up and down with them and dance, and shout. but you know I felt kind of stranger, I didnt know anybody there. I was with some Iranain friends, who had the same feelings.
you know Jay, there are some moments in the life, You have to forget that you are 27, or lets say, a 27 year old aquarian man.