Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lots of stuff!

Lots of new things in the past week or so. And not much computer time.

Went canoeing in the Noosa Everglades which wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. But there is a huge patch of sand in the middle of a raised forest that feels like a desert. That was strange. Canoeing isn't that fun when there's nothing to look at, though.

Also went ocean kayaking at Rainbow Beach and saw a sea turtle and loads of dolphins. It was a short time, but lots of fun. We drove up to Hervey Bay that night, so I didn't get a chance to see much in Rainbow Beach.

Hervey bay is full of old people, and along the beach there's exercise equipment that looks exactly like the blue and orange playground equipment. It also has a ferry to Fraser Island where we went 4x4 driving and stayed for three days. There were three groups of eight people in the trucks, and it was really amazing.

It's the largest sand island in the world, full of small lakes and things to go see. And there were lots of dingos so we had to keep all the trash and food in the car. Tons of fun, and Lake Mackensie looks like the lagoon from the movie, "The Beach."

Heading to Bundaberg tomorrow, and I'll be there a little while. Keep the bbq warm for me, I'll be home soon.

Inside the truck.

I'm on the left. The weird guy in our group was off somewhere.

Indian heads.

Camping on the beach at night, trucks lighting dinner.

Kingfisher Bay. See the two dingos?

Lake Wabby on the right. There's someone right in the middle of this photo.

Lake Mackensie. Unreal.

Cool sand in Maroochydore.


Caleb said...

Dingoes are creepy.

That lake looks ridiculous.

Your travel group looks very aryan. You also stand out for some other reason I can't put my finger on.

Colin said...

damn Jazzers, looks like you have a good amount of attractive young women with you. Huzzah! We're keeping the grill fired up for your return, and I'm making sure to learn how to cook for when Ryan's gone. I think you'll be impressed.

Oliver said...

One Jay. Many females. I like your moves, and I like your style. Keep it up, if you know what I mean, he-he.

Anonymous said...

The photos make me think the plane ride might be worth it.
Lake McKenzie looks amazing..salt water?or fresh?
After all this time on the coast are you doing your outback trek before you head back? ... or maybe next time?