Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Farmer tan. For true though.

Been working in Maroochydore for the past week, and I'll be here for the next as well. It's warmer here, hot days and cool nights. Picking strawberries is pretty back-breaking, but there's a group of us so it's not awful.

The place I'm staying is fun, and has a pool and hammocks. I may have to install one in the aparment when I get back.

Hope Chicago is going well. I miss softball and barbecues. Happy 4th!

The farm, and some of the people I work with.

It's nice to wake up like this after a weekend nap.


John Rowley (brotha from another motha) said...

I'm kind of jealous, besides all of the hard labor work. I would rather be like mom and dad and work in nice air conditioned offices and then come home and bitch about life....lol. Hopefully you're having a great time. Find me a good girl from the land down under, but find yourself one first. Later

Oliver said...

Save up your money and go surfing at Jabba Point you big Donk!

Anonymous said...

!*!*!* HAPPY 4TH OF JULY *!*!*!*!
We're relaxing today for the most part, watched the fireworks at the stadium, going back to work in the morning. I'll email you later, Jay.
You really should try surfing.
Keep on pickin'

sir henry oglepants said...

the land of golden gob stoppers and diamond pixie sticks... jay, you old so and so, keep fighting the good fight for all us poor working stiffs

Colin said...

we miss you Jay. Pick some strawberries in honor of 3018.

Anonymous said...

Global warming is receding here, its in the 70's...nice.
Going to Michigan for the weekend and looking forward to MichCity... Whats your return date in August? don't forget souvineers. Bring back a didgereedoo.