Monday, August 20, 2007

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

So I leave Australia tomorrow for home. It's strange, I think I'm more nervous coming back than I was leaving. I actually can't wait to get home. It's strange, I leave here at 10:20am and fly to L.A. 13 1/2 hours later I arrive the same day at 6:30am. I have a 6 hour layover and get back to Chicago at 6:15pm. Sweet.

The last couple days I've been sick. It's a little frustrating since it's my last night here. I went to bed at 5pm yesterday and got up at 3pm today. And the hot water heater broke today.

On the plus side, Manly is really beautiful. The coastline is full of high cliffs with small villas nested away in them. They're all different colors, so it looks really cool.

Heading back to bed. I'll see you all soon!


sir henry oglepants said...

safe travels jay, give me a call you son of a bitch because i have an urge to see some pictures, drink some johnny walker and listen to some good stories...

Simone said...

This time I beat Colin to the punch of responding to one of your blogs. We are really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!!!

Have a safe trip. Hopefully they will play some movies of the same high caliber as "Music and Lyrics" (which, for the record, Colin immediately went out and rented).

Colin said...

based on your blog entry, I have no idea what day you are actually arriving in Chicago. I'll assume sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. A lot of "tomorrow" and whatnot. . . .either way, I washed your three loads of dirty clothes that you left behind, so you've got that to look forward to.
See you then!

Anonymous said...

Godspeed, Jay. I can't tell if you're leaving Tuesday and getting here on our Tuesday or Wednesday... if you'll indulge me...
There once was a lady named Bright
who could travel faster than light.
She left one day in a relative way,
and returned the previous night.
That's about as close as I can get to the dateline conundrum. See you soon. Call when you get in.

Caleb said...

Be safe. Can't wait 'til you get back and trounce any story we could have.

You were in a town called Manly? Australia is awesome.

Oliver said...

Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down, but until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on.

If you wanna join me for a while
just grab your hat, we'll travel light, that's hobo style

Maybe tomorrow I'll find what I call home,
but until tomorrow the whole world is my home.