Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm at an internet cafe in Cairns. Flying back to Sydney at 5:30 in the am, and spending the last couple days there. Things are winding down, and this morning I parted ways with the two German girls I was travelling with. We were running late getting to the bus, and I just caught it as it was pulling out. Grabbed my bags and left.

It wasn't til I got a message 3 hours later that I realized I had left my shoes and my jacket in the car. Crap.

I feel like I've been posting much more than I actually have. I'm really looking forward to coming home, seeing friends, and getting things straightened out. Been feeling really disconnected lately, and a little cloudy. I've had a good time here, and it's been a great experience, but I'm looking forward to being able to actually work toward something when I get back. Also looking forward to:

-My big bed
-Chicago style hot dogs
-Knowing where the next shower is
-More consistent temperatures (half the time it was just below freezing in the morning and 78 during the day.)
-No more metric or Celcius.
-A nice kitchen!

These are some more photos that I liked.

Australia dollars are way cooler than U.S. dollars. And they're plastic.

The remains of a campfire at the hostel Cool Bananas in 1770.

I was the only American, so the guy gave me this chopper to ride. Way fun.

The view from the small plane with the side window open!

Me looking pretty rough on the last day of sailing.

Snorkelling at Maureen's Cove off the Whitsundays.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they (the anonymous "german girls") can ups your stuff home?
Looking forward to seeing you again. we're just home from mich city. Regrouping, work tomorrow (tuesday for you), supposed to rain most of the week. We'll go to joe's when you get to Plainfield, two with everything. good pictures, hope you have lots more.

Colin said...

also some Chicago-style brunch at Dunlay's with your pals. Also, Simone bought a kettle grill, so grilling out like crazy too.

stephanie said...

ohh i also really liked not only the color of the aussie money but the different sizes, brilliant :)