Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Sitting in the kitchen with the roomies after several mugs of boxed "chillable red wine" and a heaping helping of stir-fried yellow curry that was awesome. It was my first-ever experience enjoying curry, and I have to say I'm a huge fan. It's a spicy sweet that doesn't linger too much, but is packed with flavor. Awesome.

Recruiting was good today. Lots of good kids signed up for interviews today, and some of them even showed up for the interview. Most of them just stayed after school and hung out for the interview. One of the last kids came in after we were about to go home. He went home to change into his navy pants, dress shirt and shoes, and a tie. He was a freshman, and the cuteness made Jeanette giddy.

I'm excited about teaching. It's a level of responsibility that I haven't had to handle before, and the kids actually seem interested in the program, even enthusiastic. I was never in clubs or extracurriculars of any kind in high school, so this will be a fun look into what those might have been like. Oh, and the Improv Group's flyers were full of grammatical and punctuational errors. Pshh.

I should take some pictures. I like adding photos to blogs. It's more fun.

I haven't taken any recently, so I googled "photo," and this was the first one that came up. You see, dogs and babies are cute.


marthamatters said...

I think that you're going to be great with the students. I'm trying to picture it Yep, you'll be great at it. Maybe they'll all try to style their hair like yours (ours) because you're (we're) so cool.

Caleb said...

Be honest, Jeannette would have been giddy whether that kid showed up or not.

marthamatters said...

oh snap

Maral Charkhtab Tabrizi said...

you'll be a cool teacher.

recently, reading your blog makes me hungry. I have to make sure not to read it when I don't have access to food or drinks.

and I loved the picture.

Megan said...

What? You're a teacher now? Jeanette who? I don't even know you people anymore.
I better get home... In three months, baby! Start holding your breath, because I am.

Jay M. said...

Ok, clarification. I'm doing an after school program like Colin. Jeannette is my co-instructor. And yes, you better get home soon!

Oliver said...

If Megan gets back to USA in time she can co-instruct with Jeannette next semester.

Jay, I think you'll make a great teacher, and I think what's gonna make you so good is telling all the students how much I miss 'em and what a fucking awesome time in Barcelona I'm having (even tho it's shit and I'm not there yet).

Make sure to ask about the candle of truth...