Monday, September 10, 2007

There are no judgements here, just pizza.

Busy weekend. Went out with some school friends on Saturday night, in Forest Park. It was really nice to see some of these people I hadn't seen in a while, and we had a pretty good time. There's lots of people in Forest Park who are like the decently-dressed, hillbilly/jock townies that I've successfully avoided since high school. It was ok, since they're not much on talking, and the trade off for being in that specific suburb was $3 draft Stellas and Guinness.

Sunday was a sweet softball victory of the moral variety. I made some boneheaded plays which provided comic relief, but made a couple good ones as well. We stuck around to loan some Wicked Awesomers to another team, and afterwards we went to Bar Louie for some amazing grub.

Later that afternoon I got to hang out with the roomies, and Brian and Liz. I'd like to harness whatever it is that makes their dog, Bear, live like he's been guzzling Energizer batteries. He's 7, and acts like a four-month old.

It was great to hang out with them, and Brian is officially going to be known as "The Grillmaster." Kabobs and burgers with corn on the cob, and vanilla bean ice cream with farmers market peaches for desert. Yep. I love food.

Hey look, a segue.

Tonight, we made some more stellar BALTs and in addition to homemade soups, pot roasts, and grilled foods, they are going to become a staple of this autumn's awesome dinners. It rained today, but it was quite possibly the best weather day of the year. It should be beautiful all week, so get out there. For true though.

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Cass said...

i'm going to make balts tomorrow night. delicious.