Wednesday, October 24, 2007

selective attention.

It's been a semi-busy, but not really past couple of weeks. We've been hanging with the Bearski for the past week, and he's made his temporary home on our couches and my bed.

Last Wednesday night's work duo trio became sort of a non-work game night and we played Apples to Apples and Celebrities. I think Celebrities won. Jeannette brought some friends who look less than thrilled here, but were really just overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the whole experience. Kimber started to come into her own, and threw down during apples to apples. Steph and I could only muster looks of shame and confusion.

The Horny Buck Hunting Party was fun, and the props were pretty amazing. Hunting rifles and shotguns, ducks, rabbits, and deer all cut from cardboard and mounted. Yeah, I did.
Most everyone got into the hunting theme, and Jess and Becca went all out, donning vests, hats, camouflage adult size onesies, and boots that clearly used to have a pulse. Cletus would've been proud. And Nate assumed the Nate position.

The next day I went thrift store shopping with Rachel, and one of our friends, Sara. We had hopes of finding costume ideas for Halloween, or some fun clothes at least. I did find a blazer, which is fun, but Sara beat us all when she found the customer service vest from when the Yeti worked at Natural Wonders in the mall.

And Wicked Awesome had a nameworthy turnout on Sunday. We played three games, secured our first win of the season (through forfeit,) and lost one to the Gianormous D-Bags. But it was a great day to be outside, nonetheless.

The rest of the week has been pretty standard. ly. awesome.


stephanie said...

great pictures jay - i look very very intense about apples to apples, i couldn't even look at the camera.

marthamatters said...

I hope you found something great to wear for Halloween! Make sure that many a picture is taken.