Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween was fun.

Instead of our normal program of nature, debates, and science, our Earth Team helped run the show at Norwood Park for all the neighborhood little kids. We did a haunted maze, set up from gym mats, props, and a smoke machine. The students did a good job of being surprising but not too scary. At first the little kids started crying, so we had to tone it down a notch.

There were all kinds of bean bag games, ring toss, and Bozo buckets that the kids were in charge of, plus face painting, activity tables, and we even had full-on Winnie the Pooh and Tigger costumes. I'll get those pictures up soon. Cuz they're that good, but Jeannette has them.

That night Colin, Susan, Colyn, Steph, me, and Jeanette all went to the Burlington for fun. My brother also came, and we met up with Alison and Eric too.

Apparently Colin just put some of these up too. Deal with it.

I have three favorites. This is one of them.


Colin being all, "Oh snap."

My broham and Jeannette singing Fugazi.

Lots of people named Colin.



Maiasaura said...

The haunted maze sounds fun. It's always good to tone it down, though, when the little kids start crying. We trick-or-treated at the house of an old lady who had an intercom/doorbell system. When we rang the bell, she said, "Who is it? What can I do for you?" in a super ghosty halloween voice. Simon lost it, started bawling and clung to my leg. I convinced him to stay and wait for the person to come to the door, and she was really sweet. I think seeing Simon's reaction pursuaded her to tone down her act, too.

I don't understand the picture of you and Colyn. Is your tie in his mouth? I can't tell... but how else could it be defying gravity like that? Anyway, looks like you all had fun.

Jay M. said...

Ha, I love the Simon story. And yes, Colyn had the tie in his mouth. Note the gun battle that ensued.

And the dots on the shirt were from the Halloween episode of The Office. Jim went as "Three-Hole Punch version of Jim."

I was told to add that part at the end. After deliberation, I decided it wouldn't be too difficult. Success!

Maiasaura said...

oh! I haven't seen that episode! That Jim... so clever.

ryan said...

i have to admit it. halloween in seoul was rad, but these pictures make me feel that something was lacking.

oh yeah, and you do look like that canadian dude.