Tuesday, March 31, 2009

winter skin.

I guess this thing is still here. And so am I. I just haven't felt like writing or sharing or whatever lately, and it seems that's a pretty common thread. The winter has taken its toll on just about everyone and it's like our collective emotional and mental well being is as beat up as the streets around the city. We've all been going about our business, trudging through the winter, and planning for the months ahead.

Personally, I've been holed up watching shows on dvd, and making my way through the selections at vas foremost. Most recently, we're getting Northern Exposure through netflix, and I've found it hard not to power through an entire disc in one sitting. I probably haven't seen the show in fifteen years, but it's still really good. I hear it starts to unravel pretty quickly in the last season or so, but for now it's still fantastic.

This winter feels like it's all been preparation for the spring and summer, moreso than in the past. It seemed more punishing, more relentless, more bent on forcing us inside, and feeding off our frustration and boredom. It's like it has been a forced hibernation, and now the entire city is on the edge of emerging from this. Pacing back and forth, like a big old bear, waiting for the ice and snow to melt from the entrance of his den so he can go out and hunt.

This bear just wants to go out and ride his bike, and play some sports, and barbecue with friends, and ride in a car on the highway with the windows down, singing along to the radio with his hands dancing in the wind.


marthamatters said...
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marthamatters said...

I'm picking up what you're puttin' down there, young Jay. I feel very tired, and the snow flurries just keep happening. I feel like I haven't seen you guys in years. But alas! We will get through these weathering times together.

Cass said...

perhaps that's what my moose and moose wife dream was about. hmmm.

Caleb said...

Amen to that. BBQ ASAP FYI BYOB.