Saturday, December 16, 2006


The semester's over and I can't remember the last time I felt so relieved. I stumbled through the last couple months of classes in a half-dazed zombie like state, and now it's done. It's a strange feeling, not having to really worry about anything school related for a while. Woo.

This whole transition thing is taking some getting used to. I know they say that change is tough for anybody, but I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I know changes can be hard to deal with or understand sometimes, but I guess if you look at them as challenges or opportunities for growth you'll end up better off. At least it's a way to put a positive spin on something that you're unsure about.

The new place is coming along nicely. Up until now, I haven't really spent that much time here except for sleeping, and it turns out the place is pretty nice. It's still a little bare, and in need of some area rugs and wall stuff to liven things up a little bit. On the plus side, it's pretty huge, and there's all these pantry/utility closets that are being put to use. Parking is easy, and it's close to the el, and there's a few little stores right nearby that I've yet to really check out.

I don't really know what I expected from Logan Square, but the change of scenery is refreshing for me. It's nice to walk a different stretch of pavement on the way to the train, or while grabbing something to eat. You walk the same paths in the same neighborhood for so long and it almost seems like the routes themselves get clouded with a buildup of all these past thoughts and memories.

Two things I have found in this neighborhood is that there's a Cuban deli around the corner that is awesome, and over by Kedzie there's this magic book bin. You can toss old books into and in a week or so they turn into different old books that you might not own. I opened it the other day and snagged three Calvin and Hobbes. Score!


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

"Oh, hi, I'm Jay's blog. I'm brand new and full of long posts about my feelings and menstrual cycles, but I decided not to tell anyone I'd started posting things."

Welcome to the blogosphere Majetich.

Leslie said...

Hey. We're all finding jay's blog just fine, without him having to take out billboard space on the dan ryan to advertise it. Cut the man some slack.

So there. :p* pppttthhhhtttttttt!

(the asterix represents spit-spray. just so you know.)