Wednesday, February 28, 2007

potential energy, lying in wait.

At first our internet was working sporadically. The modem is crap, and it would tend to just turn off sometimes and need to be reset. Most likely this would happen in the middle of writing an email, or checking something important. Like something funny on youtube.

Last week, the modem decided to stop working wirelessly altogether. Now the extent of internet use is limited to the dining room table, tethered by a cable to the modem. It's strange, and it reminds me of being back at home. There was only one computer in the house and it was just off the kitchen on one of those rolling computer desks.

It's still there, although the computer has been upgraded. When I go back to visit my parents now, I can usually find my dad on there at some point playing Civilizations 3. It's kind of funny to watch an old guy play video games in the same addictive patterns that I used to exhibit when I was younger. 5 more minutes, one more move.

So this lack of internet in the rest of our apartment has had the side effect of limiting my online time to quick blog checks and email. It's easy to lose hours surfing youtube, myspace, blogs, news, whatever. Anyway, I'll try to come up with something coherent at least every couple days.

Today is the last day of February. Finally. In my book, spring starts tomorrow. It's time to wake up out of the winter lull. Shake loose the weights of seasonal mental clutter, and look forward to what the new season will bring. Going to have to get some new springy music, and clothes. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Oliver said...

complain the fuck out of that, biatch
that's what angela would say, anyway.

marthamatters said...

Jay, I posted "The Train Tunnel" on my other blog, if you would like to read. Hopefully it is up to your standards ;)

Jay M. said...

I don't really have any standards when it comes to poetry. I'm not very poetic.

I think some if it can be over-laden with illustrative jargon and make it hard to understand. You do a good job of not doing that. I really like the Train Tunnel. (winky emoticon)