Thursday, February 08, 2007

drinking with a purpose.

Realized that I haven't been posting lately. Had a busy week and I've been working at the school til around 11 the past few days. Neat. I've realized that I think about writing things usually when I'm doing something else, or going somewhere. Like walking to the El, or sitting at work.

The snow was really cool the other day. It was the really light stuff that you can identify the individual flakes. It always reminds me of a Christmas movie where there's these angels/elves that have special scissors, and they're the ones who cut out each and every snowflake and throw them down from the clouds. I came home from working on schoolwork around 1am and I was the only one on the El platform. The snow swirled around and pooled up against corners and along the fence. It looked alot like soapy suds in a bathtub or at a carwash.

Schoolwork is piling up and I really don't like the idea. I usually get everything done, but I don't like the idea of having to miss out on other things. I always hated missing out on hanging out with friends, or going out somewhere to grab a drink or just relax. I've been thinking recently that maybe I've always been a night person because I want to stay up as late as I can just in case something cool happens. It's weird.

Anyway, I had a birthday last week, and that was fun. Thanks for everyone who participated. We also went to Whirlaway, where the little Spanish lady, Maria, lit a book of matches in a beer bottle, turned off the lights, and had everyone sing me "happy birthday." It was pretty fun.

Other than that, and the super bowl, it's been a lot of school. Woo!


Colin Hughes Taylor said...

don't forget how on your birthday at 2am you walked around drunkenly handing out pizza slices to strangers at the bar.
That was rad.

Caleb said...

Sorry I missed out.

Happy happy anyway.