Saturday, February 10, 2007


Spent most of the entire day at school. Tentative plans for the evening fell through, and didn't end up leaving campus until 10:15pm. On Friday. Oh yeah, you know it's awesome spending Friday night at school.

Near the end of the night I was showing some drawing techniques to a couple guys in my class and it was actually kind of neat. I'm usually surrounded by people in specific fields who tend to know alot more than I do, be it about politics, science, literature, etc. It's fun showing someone something that they're actually pretty interested in learning.

I got home around 11, and watched a little "Fearless" with Brian and Liz, accepted a couple martinis (I think Brian just likes using the shaker) and chatted a bit. Not a bad way to end up the night, I guess. Colin is out with his uncle and others, with breakfast plans in the am. I've got a long day of work ahead of me for Saturday, but Sunday brings some soccer and a birthday extravaganza for the cutest Lily-Monster ever to terrorize this side of the Mis'sippi.


Rock dweller said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW WATERBABY. What are you going to school for? ROXY

Therapist Mumbles said...