Friday, April 13, 2007

Chocolate rivers and Gobstoppers.

Today sucked. I ran around this morning before work, got everything together, and waited for the train forever. The conductor was lacking the concept of anything in between go and stop, so I was sufficiently nauseous by the time I got off for work. The entire day was like a war of attrition, boring, seemingly endless, and an uphill battle I felt I couldn't win. On top of that, it was just one of those days when your psyche takes over, emotions and imagination start to run rampant because of the lack of stimulation at work, and you just feel like crap by the end of it.

The rest of the night went surprisingly well, and by the end of it, I felt pretty good. Hung out with Colin and also Brian, who wound up having the night off from work by guessing the number 32. It was close enough to 37, so he came home at about 8pm.

We all started rehashing things somehow, and dragged out old pictures, making fun of our younger selves and pointing out people from our collective pasts. It was kind of fun, and kind of sad. My hair and clothes were AWFUL.

Anyway, great roommates are fun to have. You all should invest in a good pair, on my recommendation.

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Colin said...

hmm. . if only you had some huge, big news to share with us on your blog. . . .