Saturday, April 07, 2007

one of the guys.

Bear, Liz's dog, is staying with us for a few days. He's a big happy mutt, who just wants to be around people and play fetch. Right now, he's hunched up against me with his nose resting at the edge of the keyboard. I took him for good walks the past couple mornings, and today we played fetch with one of those longer throwy sticks that lets you launch the ball. Bear was good, and he's ok to be off the leash in the park without running away.

Last night was pretty nice. I picked up my bike from Boulevard Bikes and it rides better than it ever has before. New tires, brakes, bar tape, and everything tuned up and ready for spring. I'm excited.

Brian and Colin spent most of the day cooking red beans and rice, cornbread, big pots of gumbo, and picking up necessities for today's Taylor Family Easter Extravaganza. I helped Colin in taste-testing the cornbread recipe, and consulted the Cast-Iron Skillet Cookbook for some suggestions. We're going to pick up a rice cooker today, because apparently it will increase the quality tenfold. Yeah, rice cookers. What's up.

We went out with our new roommate, Simone, and her sister Helder. I tried the crab cakes from Dunlay's because it was a special and sounded great. They were pretty good, but when she brought the check and I found out they were 22 bucks, I was all, wtf? Anyway, I guess I'll stick to the burgers or something.

Then we all went to the whirlaway for a couple more drinks, and Colin narrowly avoided having to talk to some crazy friend of a girl he met the other night. Simone was immediately impressed with the whirlaway, with all the half-hipster dudes, layers of cigarette smoke, and coolest spanish lady barmaid you can find.

Heading home today to spend some time with the family over the holiday, and get some work done. I've decided that the best part about Easter is the Reeses peanut butter Eggs. Go ahead, try to come up with something better. You can't. I've tried.

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Colin Hughes Taylor said...

man, I woke up at like 2am wanting some reese's eggs, and was stymied-- they had all been eaten!

The only solution is a trip to Walgreens for super-discounted Reese's eggs tomorrow. Shit yeah.