Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Learning is good.

We're coming down to the end of the semester, and there's been lots of presentations and papers. In one of my classes, the professor was talking about citing sources when you present data to a class. Without it, there's no way to verify that what you're presenting is credible information.

Of course, if that source you're citing happens to be The Onion, you're probably going to need some help regardless. Yes it actually happened.

No, it wasn't me.


Maral Tabrizi said...

lol, Was it IPD ? I don't remember anything about Citing!!!

Oliver said...

I had a friend who did that. I remember the first time I read the Onion I was shocked to learn of Michael Jackson's death, and I couldn't understand why no one else was reporting it

marthamatters said...

Same thing happened in one of my classes. A girl was writing a paper about Marilyn Manson and she tapped into an article that described how he was going door to door and cutting pentagrams into his chest for effect.

Colin said...

you are a p***y claw.

and you have made a great step on your journey.

say hi to Dwight for me on the Mordour trail.