Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's not raining today and it feels great. Stayed in Noosa Heads for a few days, but mostly got lots of rain. Went to one of the national parks the other day, and had a really good time. Saw some huge trees being strangled by smaller ones, crazy birds that sound like baboons, and a python!

I'm heading to Maroochydore today to work picking strawberries for a couple weeks. Rad.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the weather. We've been cookin' here for the last two weeks...probably global warming too...its everywhere!!!quick...Call Al Gore!!
The coast looks fantastic, but your "about me" picture doesn't match that guy by the lighthouse.
Have fun, enjoy the strawberries!
Dad & Kathy

Caleb said...

Noosa Heads is a rad name for a town. So is Maroochydore. It sounds like something from Harry Potter.