Sunday, March 18, 2007

throwing in the towel.

Been a long couple of days, but pretty good overall. Still dogsitting until tomorrow sometime, but it's been kind of nice. It's a great area to walk around in, especially since I don't know it very well. So the mandatory walks have been good for me, and it's fun having a dog around the house.


Unfortunately, the apartment is pretty sparse in the way of things I like. There is no comfy couch, or chair to relax in, and there is no television. There are also no books to speak of, besides those involving business planning and methods, investment banking, and how to keep a razor-sharp collar.

Last night I went to see 300, with Caleb and Cassie. I thought it was great, and not just because all the action was done really well. Do yourself a favor and go see it. Tonight was fun too, being St. Patricks day. I walked over to Janice's house, danced a jig, and ate some corned beef and cabbage. Melissa, Janice's roommate made a fantastic spread, and was a general whiz in the kitchen.

From there, six of us took a cab over to Morley's house for his birthday kegger. It was legendary. Everyone had a good time, and it turns out I didn't actually put the moves on someone named Ashley a couple weeks ago as was rumored.

Everyone took their shoes off, which I've found to be a Terrible Idea at a kegger, as I first soaked my socks in beer, and then helped clean up with paper towel "beer skates". This happened three times. And yes, I felt really, really old.

There was beer pong, an iced keg in a bathtub, and one guy lost half his pants. It was awesome.


Maral Tabrizi said...
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Maral Tabrizi said...

and by the way, Aida is a Persian name. :)

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

Janice's roommate is named Melissa. Otherwise, spot-on.
And yeah, that cab ride was much fun. I like our new friends.

Oliver said...

Lily just loves aida the dog. She squeals in delight everytime she sees a dog now.