Monday, March 26, 2007


This past weekend has been pretty great. Friday, I got out of class early and hung out with Cassie for a while, bought some new running shoes and had Chipotle (it's amazing, everyone else is wrong) which I haven't had in almost a year, and did some earthy stuff.

Saturday, I did some productive things around the house that I should have done a while ago, like laundry and cleaning, and watched the rest of "Undeclared," which I've never seen, but have since put in my top ten of something somewhere. Ben Gorski and his two roommates Joe and Judd came up to stay for an impromptu visit, and we went out for KO's birthday to Nick's beer garden. It was also Judd's birthday, so we went out a little early beforehand, and bought him drinks the whole night.

KO was in rare form Saturday night, so if you couldn't make it, just tell him it was awesome. I don't think he'll remember either way.

Colin, Ben, Joe, Judd, and I spent part of the night being bored, but then surprisingly, the bulk of the night was spent chatting up the table next to us and the four attractive women sitting at it. We stayed out entirely too late, but had the coolest cabbie ever to drive us home. He was an older black man, and was dishing out words of pertinent wisdom left and right. Then he said I was acting like a bitch. It was hilarious.

Although we didn't get to bed til around 5, we were all up and ready for brunch at Dunlay's by 10:30. Far and away the best bloody mary you can get for five bucks-made with a shot of guiness, a skewered pile of sopressatta, olive, pepper, and onion, and comes with a beer chaser.

Today was so beautiful outside that it needs to be redundantly blogged about. I drove around in Brian's car with Colin to pick up some records before everyone came over to grill out on Nate's sweet Weber (he and Katie brought most of the food too.) But driving around was amazing. People were outside and energized. Walking dogs, lauging, shopping, eating and drinking. Music was playing, the sun was shining and it was like all the neighborhoods in the city just shrugged of the layers of winter malaise and enjoyed what it had to offer. Driving around in the midst of all of it going on was really fun today, and one of the things I miss about having a car.

I had a good time with everyone tonight, sitting out on the back patio grilling, and having a good time. Definitely what I picture when I think of good times in the summer, and I hope it was just a preview of what is to come.

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