Friday, March 30, 2007


I played on the Mantis/Manatee team yesterday and it was really fun. We lost 2-0 but the other team probably thought that they should have scored more. So it was a moral victory. A few of their guys were really good, and the girls all used to play on Division one college teams.

I haven't really played soccer since junior high, so it was interesting to say the least.

I mostly felt like the one on the left.
We played at Montrose, right near the lake. The field was artificial, but nice and a little spongy. I'd never played on an artificial field before, and it was a pretty cool experience. I was anxious when we got there because it seemed overwhelmingly huge, and I felt really unprepared.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to run more, and practice.

And do something fun this weekend.

Also, we should have our new roommate chosen by tomorrow. So there's that.


sir henry oglepants said...

i often also feel like a five year old girl, but for other reasons... things that have nothing to do with my soccer skills. p.s. i miss you already and i'm not even gone...

Cass said...

let's hope no one ever tells sir henry to shoot the bad guy on the left.

marthamatters said...

Have I ever told you that when Franz Ferdinand first came out with their song "Matinée " I was reading the title of their songs and misread it and thought to myslef, "Finally, a song about manatees!"? And then I realized.

That's what the first line of your blog made me think about.