Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Embrace the suck.

It's March. In fact, it's almost a full week into March. We're supposed to be basking in the teasing warmth of the upper 40's and creeping into the occasional 50ish. Yeah, maybe I'm just overzealous, but I'm tired of the cold. It's snowing out. Again. I mean, come on. Come on!

On a positive note, some congrats are in order. Colin had his first crazy Momma incident today, and apparently it went well. He didn't get hit with a shoe or anything, and no one went to jail. So that's good.
Also, Caleb got his Master's degree/diploma in the mail which is awesome and still impressive. I read almost a paragraph of his thesis before my eyes started to shrivel up. I was somewhere near 1/1000th of the way through it.
And lastly, kudos to me. I'm a hero and I've got a sticker to prove it. I gave blood today to the worst manurse to ever stab a pointy pipe into someone's arm. There were four ladies who knew what they were doing, and I get jerky lab tech with the compassion of a refrigerator. But it's cool. I got some apple juice, so that's rad.

I am, however, getting tired of being in school and working. And this weather, man it's still snowing. (I left for a while.) There's still lots to do for everything. I guess it seems like everyone gets a raw deal during the winter months, though. I'm jealous of Ali getting out of here for a while. Soak up some sun for me!

I guess that's what we do though. Good things happen, regular things happen, and sometimes you just get slapped around for a while. As long as you keep getting up, even if you'll probably get smacked again, you're doing ok. Something like, "you never fail until you stop trying." Something like that.

Peace out, hombres!


Anonymous said...

Whats up Jay? Surfin the net and came up on your blog. I dig that last paragraph. Been whinning a little too much lately and that makes rethink it all. See ya around.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

wow, you've had a positive effect on that random guy named kevin. Way to be, Jay!

Maral Tabrizi said...

are we supposed to embrace the suck forever?