Thursday, May 03, 2007

My 'morrows always seemed just fine.

Been a while.

School is almost done. Busy weekend ahead. I'm going to have an empty house to force me to get work done, and it seems pretty much everyone is out of town, so I'll have no distractions. Just a few more days.

It was one of those weeks where the nights turned into mornings, basic things like laundry and food took a backseat to getting shit done, and Johnny Walker became a nighttime companion.

One of my classes involves myself, and 5 others from from Engineering, Design, and an MBA student. Tuesday we had to give a final presentation to the vice president of product development for Motorola. I was running on 1 hour of sleep. Our MBA student was late. And consequently, we finished our presentation with her dictating the last 4 slides to another group member in the car on the way to Motorola. It was neat.

Worked out in the end, and our group actually "won" for the most innovative concept and product ecosystem. Anyway, we got some recognition, and supposedly they're going to give us each a new phone for winning. woo.

I have a busy couple weeks ahead as well. Graduation next Saturday, and I'm going to have to stick a party in somewhere. Leave for Australia a week from the following Monday. I have to get home to see my family a little before I leave, too.

I took this photo because it made me smile the other day. Granted I'd been awake for about 30 hours, but I still think it's funny.


Maral Tabrizi said...

the picture is like a smiling man, that his right eye is bigger than left one, and he had arranged his hair like you :P
it made me smile too

Colin said...

i miss you so much it hurts sometimes.

Maral Tabrizi said...

congradulations on graduation. wish you a peaceful summer.