Friday, May 18, 2007


Getting all the visa stuff straightened out has been way more of a hassle than I thought it would. You can get a passport in a couple days, or even the same day, but it takes all kinds of jumping through hoops and clearing red tape for the visa.

School's done, and graduation was actually pretty cool. It took too long, but it was nice, and the party afterwards turned out to be a great time. Thanks to Caleb and Liz for various whiskeys, and Matuska for the Chinese surprise gift. Butterfly clips rock.

Spent another day-and-a-half visiting my parents, which always feels a little bit like the twilight zone. Time seems to pass differently than normal, and I feel like I'm always just waiting to get home.

Scanning books and sites about packing and what to bring/what should be left. I leave for the airport in 44 hours.

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sir henry oglepants said...

you bum, you need to a post an email address before you leave... ahhh well. good luck and always remember 'no worries'-