Monday, May 28, 2007

another quick one.

I tried this the other day for about 45 minutes and at the end of it, the computer I was working on crashed. So here's a brief synopsis:

Sydney is fun. I'm going a little ways north to either A) work at a hostel on the beach, B) wwoof for some organic hippie types, or C) (cross your fingers) work for a guy on a 38 foot sailboat near Byron Bay.
There's some crazy cars here, my favorite being a thing that looks like a new, sweet El Camino.

I was surprised to find out that the population is roughly 65% Asian to 35% Caucasian, with a few percent being Indian. And four black people.
These are some pictures of Darling Harbor which was really nice to walk around in. The bridge is really big, and that's over by the Opera House.
The last one is at a bar I went to yesterday next to where I'm staying. They have crab races every Monday night! Number 18 won, I did not. But this girl won a 3 day 2 night sailing trip at Whitsunday Island. Good job little crab!


Oliver said...

Ahhh, the great Australian tradition of crab racing. How fun. Woofing with hippies, working on sailboats or working in a hostel on a beach all sound totally bodacious. You'll have an awesome time I'm so frickin' jealous.

Go eat a widgety grub and put a shrimp on the barbie.

Colin said...

hey Jay! Great to hear from you. We miss you, keep posting alot.

Cass said...

El Caminoooooo... Crab racing sounds awesome--were they dancing fiddler crabs?

Leslie said...

Jay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get the gig working on that boat. I would cut off my left arm to do that. Ok, well maybe that's an exaggeration. But still.

I keep seeing people around that look slightly like you and I get real excited and think "JAY!" but then I realize it's not you -- you are in Australia.

Have fun, buddy. Miss you and hope you're having the time of your life.

Caleb said...

Sounds like an adventure. If you get the boat job I want to see pictures of your beard when you get back to shore. Chicago misses you. Wicked Awesome misses you.