Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Good news, everyone!"

I got my work visa granted.

Been in Forster-Tuncurry for the past week, trying to relax a bit. The coastline is unreal here, straight out of some retirement fund commercial. I'm working at a hostel here in the mornings for a couple hours in exchange for accomodation. It's pretty nice, even though the sun feels like it's setting all day, and is down by about 4:30.

I'm at the library right now, because there's free internet. The other options are $8 an hour down the street at a computer store, or $6 an hour at the hostel. On a machine from 1982. With no mouse.

Been hanging out with this Italian guy named Marco who's also working at the hostel. It's fun and I'm learning how to cook. Last night I did Nile Perch with potatoes, onions, and peppers on the BBQ. Yes, yes it was awesome.

I'll probably be here for a few more days, and then head north.

Looks like Wicked Awesome is off to a great start, and I hope the rest of the season will be well documented as well. Miss all you guys lots and lots.

I'll post pictures hopefully tomorrow, I forgot my camera today. And it's a 40 minute walk to the library.


Maral Tabrizi said...

It sounds amazing. I'm happy you're having a great time Jay.

Colin said...

Jay! You rock and we miss you. Keep in mind how to cook all the stuff you are learning about so you can cook when you get home.
Pretty sweet that you are hooked up at the hostel.

Megan said...

Hey good on you Jay. Good stuff.

Cass said...

Good to hear you're doing well. Any cool animals yet?