Saturday, June 23, 2007


From Port Macquarie, I took a bus to Byron Bay. It's amazing, and I should have stayed there an extra couple days. Met a couple Swiss kids that spoke French and hitched a ride with them up to Surfer's Paradise. We went through Nimbin on the way, which is a small sort of hippie commune. Stayed in Surfer's for a few days, and moving on tomorrow. Gotta wash my clothes tonight.

Almost stepped on this little guy near the beach.

Crazy weather on the ride up to Byron.

Amazing lookout in Byron Bay next to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse and me.

The Swiss siblings. They were so '80's it's not even funny.


Colin said...

hey Jay! I miss you! Looks like you are having a legendary time.

Maral Tabrizi said...

you are getting skinny. :D

stephanie said...

ohhh byron bay.... tears... :( your photos are beautiful jay we need to get together and photo share sometime!