Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weather sucks.

It's been raining for days. I'm in Port Macquarie now, a nice town that is the unofficial koala capital. There's lots of beaches, and a lighthouse a couple hours walk. There was a break in the weather today and I went to the koala hospital about 20 minutes walk away. Started pouring after two blocks!

Koala's are ridiculously cute. Ridiculous. And they have an uncanny ability to curl into a ball and sleep on a branch sitting up. They only fall out of the tree sometimes. Unfortunately I forgot my camera. Some are only about 8-9 lbs, and some get up to about 35 lbs. Neat.

Heading to Byron Bay tomorrow. Woo!


Colin said...

got your postcard, it was cool. Take some koala pictures!
And think about capturing one and bringing it home to stay with us as a pet.

Oliver said...

I didn't get my postcard...hmmm. sob, brb, lol, :-)

Jay M. said...

Postcards may only be sent to those complying with Section 247 of the Provide Your Full Mailing Address act of two weeks ago.