Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tea and Scrumpets.

Just a few pictures because the internet is so slow here.

Been rockin' the breakfast every morning, and I think I'm bringing a suitcase full of crumpets home with me.

The scenery here is crazy, so I've been walking a lot. There's three beaches right nearby, and one is nine miles long. I walked half way up it and back the other day. Saw lots of dolphin playing and fishing, and lots of Lorakee(?) parrots that are green, with blue, red, orange, and yellow markings. On the way back, a couple dingos came nearby. They were looking for food. Bigger than I thought they would be.

And I made pasta sauce from scratch last night. Peeled the tomatoes and everything. A good way to kill 2 1/2 hours.

Email me your addresses so I can send postcards!


This guy wasn't sure about me.


Oliver said...

nice photos dude. watch out for those dingos, man, I've heard stories. crumpets...hmmmmm I miss 'em too.

Caleb said...

It looks incredible. I can attest that there is nothing as serene as having a beach to yourself.

Megan said...

Oli, FYI--You can buy crumpets at Dominick's, I'm pretty sure. If you don't find them in the refrigerated section next to the English muffins, ask a manager. I used to have crumpets all the time when I was a kid, in Rockford. If you can get them at a regular chain in Rockford, I'm certain you can get them in Chicago. Lots of breakfast restaurants offer them too. Great with peanut butter spread while they're still warm. Mmmmm.

Glad you're having fun Jay. The scenery is amazing!